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Minding your p’s and q’s

Rightly or wrong you are being judged every time you open your mouth.  The good news is that you absolutely have control over what comes out of it.  Cut out the swearing!  I know, you instantaneously thought, “what’s the big effing deal?”  Frankly my dear, there are several reasons to mind your p’s and q’s.

  • Swearing is a sign of disrespect.  If you swear in front of someone, you’re demonstrating that you hold them in low regard (now think of how many times you’ve sworn in front of your boss)
  • You never have to apologize to any grandparents or children milling about for your potty mouth.
  • When you swear, people believe you to be less educated than you actually are.

There are moments where swearing is understandable (not acceptable but understandable).  When you’re in immediate pain.  When you’re using swearing for effect.  When it accidentally slips out.

However, if you’re swearing so much that it doesn’t even register that you’re swearing – it’s too much.  Call it a cliche but no man wants to worry what’s going to come out of your mouth in front of his mother.

Take this time as practice to start curbing your swearing.  Make a change jar.  Snap a rubberband around your wrist.  Have a friend nudge you when you slip.


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