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Keeping your house in order

No, this isn’t another blog about cleaning your house.  We’re talking about the stuff that usually falls through the cracks when it comes to cleaning – work life, social life and possessions.

  • Your work space – keep it clean and organized.  Papers will be easier to find and your boss will be impressed with your competency.  If you have the space, keep cleaning wipes in a drawer to clean up quick messes from coffee and disinfecting your keyboard and phone.  Don’t throw food trash into your personal trash – take it to the break room trash.  Remove your food from the communal fridge in a timely fashion.  Be as kind as possible to the cleaning crew.
  • Your social life – clean up any outstanding issues.  Pay off financial debts.  Return items that you’ve borrowed.  Make amends where a friendship is broken.  Where absolutely necessary, break off a friendship that is unhealthy for you.
  • Your purse – dang girl, go through that thing once in a while.  File those receipts.  Put like items (ex: cosmetics) in a cute bag.  Throw away the crap in the bottom!  Shake your purse over the sink to get rid of crumbs.  Wipe the bottom of it (you know you’ve put it on the floor somewhere and the counter somewhere else).  Lighten up – remove anything that isn’t necessary.  You’re not a pack mule.
  • Your car – being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean you can skip washing your car.  Run it through a car wash that uses recycled water.  Take the junk out of the trunk – your car is not a storage facility.  If you need to put things back, organize it.  Remove any fast food wrappers (you know who you are).  Toss out flyers that were placed on your car.  Even if you don’t see your back seat, anyone walking past your car does.
  • Your storage facility – clean it out and stop paying someone to store your junk.

Anything I’ve missed?  I’d love to hear from you.


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