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Picking up after yourself

I’m sure your momma always told you to pick up after yourself but if she didn’t (or you need a refresher), I’m here to tell you to.  When you’re out in public, picking up after yourself is essential.  You don’t want to come off as a spoiled princess so why act like one?  Not only are you being kind to others but you’re being a good role model – perhaps it will spark others to pick up after themselves as well.  We all know that litter is nasty so why contribute to the problem.

You should extend these good manners to your workplace – put things where they belong.  You’ll look good to your boss and co-workers when you keep the common areas clean.  If you keep your office picked up, you’ll get the double benefit of appearing organized and being able to find things quickly.

The last place (the first place?) you should be keeping picked up is your living space.  Whether you share accommodation or live on your own, life is better when you don’t have to live in a mess.  We all slip at times.  We drop things at the front door, we use something and don’t put it back, we forget to put things away until our eyes no longer see that it’s a problem.  Put those dirty clothes in the hamper, put those clean clothes in the drawer, put your makeup back in the cabinet.  A few minutes a day is all it takes.

It only takes a moment to leave a good impression.


3 responses to “Picking up after yourself

  1. Liza

    Are you sure this post is meant for women? Sounds like you’ve perfectly described my man and all the guys I work with (for the work part)! It definitely belongs in a parallel blog called: “Guys: Stop Being Idiots” 🙂

    • ...

      Funnily enough the topic of a blog for men has been kicked around. I was just wondering how well men would take the advice if it were coming from a female (too overbearing?) rather than a male.

      • Liza

        Well, you’re anonymous on this blog and could be on a guy’s blog. Your writing voice is directly and pretty neutral. Who would know?

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