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Direct from my desk – week 10

I’ve been riding you for the better part of a week about your finances but for good reason.  No one wants to be involved with a financial train wreck.  I know that we’ve all been told stories that one day we’ll fall in love and the other person will find our flaws adorable and love us all the more for them.

You’ve been lied to.  I know, I’m like an evil fairy god mother bursting your bubble.

The truth is that when you get involved with a person, you also get involved with their finances.  So while you don’t want to get enmeshed in someone’s sticky finances, you shouldn’t be offended if it’s a deal-breaker for someone else as well.  By not getting your proverbial sh*t together financially, you’re robbing yourself of the ability to be the best version of yourself and you’re potentially excluding yourself from a great pairing.

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