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Direct from my desk – week 9

I had this whole thing written out for today about how being a kick-ass female is so much more attractive to guys than being helpless but I’m not going to publish it, at least not today.  When I was going through my blog stats this week there was a disturbing trend – people looking pro-ana and pro-mia websites were finding my blog.  I can only guess that this was traffic due to “What to do with the stomach flu”.  If this was you please keep reading.

I respect you and your ability to make your own decisions too much to slam you.  I would appreciate it if you’d extend this same respect to me long enough to hear my opinion.

Some of you will argue that pro-ana and pro-mia are about beauty.  I disagree.  If this were true then the moment you found out that it will cause peach fuzz to grow on your face and your teeth to become grey, you’d stop.  I think that we can agree that the global standard for conventional beauty does not hold either of these up as ideals.

Some of you will argue that pro-ana and pro-mia are about choice.  This is your body and your life and you should be able to make your own choices.  Unfortunately, the typical progression of both of these tend to take that ability to choose away from you.

Some of you will argue that pro-ana and pro-mia are about control.  The discipline required to over-ride your impulses can cause you feel powerful indeed. Some times it appears to be the only form of authority that one has.  I would counter that the are easier and healthier ways for you to feel powerful, to be in control of your life.  Look back through my blog and you’ll see some of them.

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