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Direct from my desk – week 8

So considering my topics the past few days people might get the impression that this blog is about girl power.  It’s not.  It’s also not about female supremacy (I think men are just dandy as counterparts) or anything like that.  This blog is meant to inspire you to be the best version of yourself and to be a quality woman worthy of, and unwilling to settle for anything less than, a quality partner.

Popular media has done  us a disservice by allowing us to believe that being neurotic, needy, or desperate will be rewarded by the handsome prince riding up to rescue us.  That simply doesn’t happen in real life.  In fact, if you meet someone who wants you to be neurotic, needy, or desperate you should really be asking yourself why.  Are they a rescuer?  Are they looking for someone they can manipulate?  Are they willing to take whatever warm body comes along?  Perhaps their problems outweigh yours and they’re looking to find someone willing to accept less than they deserve.

Don’t allow yourself to be discounted.  Know your weak points and work to make them strengths (or at least neutral).  Be competent and capable, know your value, and always put your best foot forward.


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