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The art of the thank you note

Thank you notes are under-utilized these days.  While some may consider these notes to be old-fashioned, they’re actually a wonderful way to keep in contact with people and are far less work than a phone call.  Consider this your mini-class in thank you notes.

When to write a thank you note:

  • When someone gives you a present (yes, even relatives).
  • When someone performs a service for you (being your unpaid travel-guide, having you over for dinner, getting you reservations at an exclusive restaurant, etc.).
  • When someone goes above and beyond what is requested or required of them (throwing you a party, buying you lunch,picking you up from the airport) .
  • When you stay at someone’s house.
  • After a job interview.

Things to consider:

  • Write it as soon as possible.
  • Use actual stationary, preferably note cards as thank you notes are generally short.
  • Mail it – everyone loves mail that isn’t a bill.
  • Write it out and arrange it on your computer before touching your pen to the paper.
  • Remember that this is not a letter about your life.
  • Never mention money.  “Generosity” is a well-used euphemism for money.

Format of the note:

  1. Salutation (Dear Aunt Ethel,)
  2. Acknowledge the gift with thanks (Thank you for the lovely sweater.)
  3. State how it will be used (Blue is my favorite color and it will certainly come in handy on my upcoming trip to Sweden.)
  4. Mention future communication (I look forward to seeing you at Christmas.)
  5. Express gratitude again (Thank you again for remembering my birthday.)
  6. Closing (All my love to you and Uncle Eugene,)
  7. Signature

It sounds ridiculously simple because it is.  Makes you wonder what you’ve been waiting all this time for, huh?


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