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I depend on me

One of the most important gifts you can give yourself is self-reliance.  The ability to get yourself through any situation and the confidence to know you can manage it from the outset will far outweigh the amount of time you spend educating yourself to handle what may come.

The first thing to learn, however, is when to ask for help and when to take matters into your own hands.  The key is quite simple – if you can handle it yourself, then do so.  If you can’t – ask for help.  Do not abuse the goodwill of others by asking for help too often for simple situations that you could have satisfied yourself.  In this, you should develop your skill set, particularly for emergencies.

The second thing to learn is how to ask for help.  Assistance is not demanded, even when you’ve paid for it.  Politely and concisely communicate your need.  Request the person’s aid.  Accept rejection calmly if they answer in the negative. Give verbal thanks immediately if the answer in the affirmative.  Follow up with a written thank you note and, if the circumstance calls for it, an appropriate present.

Be forewarned that this is all deceptively simple to say but harder to put into practice.


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