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Construction site socialization theory

I don’t believe there is a female out there who has walked past a construction site and hasn’t been whistled at.  I find the practice distasteful, as do most women, and I’ve often walked away thinking, “does that ever work?”

Then a guy clued me in – it’s a numbers game. Cat call girls that walks past and statistically, x number will respond depending on your sample size.  The energy output is low, the risk of being scolded is low, the failure level is high but when it works, the reward is significant.

We can learn a fundamental lesson from this – your social life is built on statistics.  The more you engage other people the greater your success in finding people that you connect with.  Also we can learn that you’re not going to connect with everyone and that failure is nothing to be afraid of.


One response to “Construction site socialization theory

  1. Geneviève ⋅

    It’s like spam email : you can send millions for pennies and you need just a few gullible recipients to make it worth you while.

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