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How to gain a hobby

You might think that hobbies are something one falls into or picks up along the way.  While this may be true it shouldn’t entirely be left up to chance.  After all, your hobbies say a lot about you – do you really just want to fall into train spotting?  Pick five things that you have a healthy level of interest in and then consider how achievable they are (you may need to build up that upper body strength if you really want to get into indoor rock climbing).

Then you’ll need to get an education.  I do recommend finding a teacher to learn the initial steps in your new hobby.  Look for classes given by the local university, community college, trade school or community center.  You might also search the internet for a private instructor.  Books and the internet are a good source of secondary education.  Because books on any topic can be expensive, you might want to review them at your local library before making a purchase.

Lastly, you should join (or create) a group of people involved in your new hobby.  This will reinforce your interest, increase your knowledge, and give you new people to socialize with.


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