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Loving yourself

In honor of Valentine’s Day this post is exactly what you think it’s about (unless you think it’s about self-esteem, in that case you’re wrong).  So light some candles, turn on some Barry White and prepare to get to know yourself better.  I’ll leave the exact details to you but I would suggest turning up the heat (cold is not sexy), some music (less worry the neighbors will hear you) and perhaps some appropriate reading material (ladies tend to be more into the written word but if you prefer watching the movie to reading the book, then by all means).

Experience it and note what you do and do not like.

For those of you who may feel that it’s morally wrong, I respectfully disagree.  If you feel that it’s “icky”, I would urge you to try to get over that.  Now you might find it does absolutely nothing for you which is fine, it’s not for everyone.  On the other hand, being able to teach someone else how you like to be touched can be invaluable in a relationship.  Every woman should know how to get what she wants.


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