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Direct from my desk – week 6

Why hast thou forsaken me?  I’m beginning to think you like to hear me speak.

So why did I just spend the better part of last week talking to you about your job when you really want to hear about men?  One, we’re working on making you the best version of yourself and that includes your job.  Two, if you’ve ever spent time with someone who truly hates their job, you’ll understand what a drain it can be on a relationship.

Everyone has bad days but no one wants to around someone who complains constantly particularly about something they can change.  They may be sympathetic at first but eventually they’ll start distancing themselves from you.  If something is making you truly miserable, a rational person will attempt to change it.  If, on the other hand, you are confusing complaining for conversation then we have work to do.

If there is a way to improve yourself you owe it to yourself to pursue it – everything else will fall in line.


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