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I spy with my little eye

Managing your professional image is crucial to your success.  You may think that what you do in your off-hours doesn’t count but it does, especially if you publicize it.

Be careful when making friends in the workplace.  The person you befriend today could be the same person selling you out for a promotion tomorrow.  Keep your private life private.  Learn to make small talk rather than divulging the details of your personal life.  Be friendly but not friends with your co-workers.

In keeping with that, do not add your boss or your coworkers to your online networking accounts unless you’re absolutely sure that nothing compromising will ever be posted about you.  Do not assume that privacy settings will never change and you won’t be exposed.  It’s better to keep co-workers and friends on different sites.

Change your privacy settings so that you must approve everything that goes onto your profiles.  Ask your friends not to tag you in less-than-professional photos, notes or postings.  Remove any tags that already exist.

At office parties, continuing education and professional functions be cautious with your actions.  You may think that you can handle the liquor or no-one will see those pictures of you flashing in the elevator or Nick from sales will keep his mouth shut about this little tryst – it’s not true.  You have to keep your head on straight.

HR managers research people when interviewing them – don’t be undone by your own behavior.  It’s up to you to manage your own image.


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