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The gift of giving

Volunteering is a great way to give yourself a gift while giving to others.  Volunteering not only improves your self-esteem and allows you to strive toward a worthwhile goal but also interrupts your mindset when it starts to spiral giving you a much needed shift in your thoughts from yourself to someone else.  Volunteering grows your personal and professional resume while introducing you to people you might have never met otherwise.

Volunteering opportunities come in a variety of commitments.  There are short, one-time commitments such as raising money and participating in a race for charity.  There are more engaged commitments involving mentoring a young person.  You might choose to volunteer as a board member for a professional association to further your career or you may prefer to volunteer for something closer to your heart involving your hobbies.  The important thing is to not over-commit yourself and then fail to live up to your obligations.  Start small and build on your success.


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