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Direct from my desk – week 5

Boy you guys must really like to hear me pontificate.  You can stop it at any time –  Just sayin’.

So why the sudden veer into New Age territory on my blog?  Because you just might be a psycho in a relationship.  Now before you reject this theory outright, think about it.

  • Googling the guy you’re about to go out on a date with to make sure he isn’t a felon is okay.  Friending his exes on Facebook is not.
  • Calling him twenty times in a day is NOT sane behavior.  Your crazy is showing.  (No, cutting that down to 10 times isn’t all that normal either.)
  • Projecting yourself so far into the future with him that you’re naming your kids on the first date means you’ve hopped the train to Looneyville.
  • Completely losing yourself in his life (new interest in how to play shortstop, eh?) is wrong, wrong, wrong.

We all go a little overboard when it comes to a new relationship (long story about how your hormones want you to lock him down or kick him out) but I’m hoping to give you the tools to recognize when you’ve colored outside the lines and you need to do to get back on track.

ps, My list was a little short.  What are the screwy things you or your friends (wink wink) have done when you’ve started to obsess on a guy?


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