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Quieting your mind

Now that you’ve heard all the noise in your head, we can do something about it.  I will recommend meditation and it can have a myriad of applications.  Yes, there is the tradition sitting in a lotus position and saying, “om” however it can be incredibly frustrating to keep at it until your mind clears.  There is also:

  • Exercising – working out can give you the time to sort through your thoughts while sweating off your peeves and tiring out your body.
  • Reading – losing yourself in a book can take your mind away and sometimes there is a nugget of wisdom you can glean from the author.
  • Visualization – conjure up an image in your head (a rose, favorite memory, Justin Bieber) and try to see every little detail contained within.
  • Writing – journalling can be an effective way to write out your worries and perhaps find patterns and solutions.

Of course there are additional ways to quiet your mind so please do not be limited by my short list – do what works for you.


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