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Such a pretty face

When it comes to make-up, less is more particularly as we get older.  In my totally unscientific experience, men prefer a more natural look in most settings (read: daytime hours).  Keep the dramatic make-up to evenings out.  Having said that, unless you have flawless skin, rosy lips and dark lashes you’d be best to put on the minimum amount of make-up to achieve the aforementioned “perfection”.

While some of us are quite happy to shop the pharmacy aisles for our supplies, this method can be a hit-or-miss in terms of getting the right products for our skin (or worse, we stick to the same shades year-in and year-out making us look dated).

The cosmetics department at a major retailer can offer a better experience in terms of being able to try before you buy however the drawback is that the person selling you cosmetics is usually only versed in the product line she (he?) represents.

The best option (and surprisingly affordable when you consider the education) is a make-up artist who should not only know cosmetics inside and out, know how to correct flaws/enhance features and can teach you a variety of looks (think one for daytime and one for evening).  In the long run, the make-up artist can save you money and embarrassment.

And please do not forget to remove your make-up before going to bed – good skin is the foundation for good make-up.


One response to “Such a pretty face

  1. Geneviève ⋅

    Bonus : make-up removal will also save your linens :^)

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