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Your crowning glory

There are a world of commercials talking about what a difference the right hair products can make and they’re correct.  A good color and cut can carry you through your worst day with just a touch of moisturizer and your favorite jeans.

Hairdressing is one of those things that you shouldn’t just “wing it”.  If you like your friends haircut and color, ask her where she gets it done.  Don’t be afraid to ask complete strangers as well – most ladies understand how important a hairdresser is.

It may be more money than you’re expecting to spend so you may need to budget and save up for your visits.  A good hairdresser will give you a cut that will look good even when its growing out.  Ask for a color close to your own shade so roots aren’t so evident and you can extend your time between visits.

During your consultation, in addition to the usual information, make sure the hairdresser knows how long you plan to spend on your hair each day and what your styling skill level is.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions while they work on you and make sure that before you leave you know how to re-create your style.

Make sure you budget for hair products.  You may not want to buy every product that the salon is trying to sell to you but buy the products you absolutely can’t live without and ask the stylist for comparable products available at the pharmacy.


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