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Shiny, happy people – part 1

You may not be thinking about it but your skin says an awful lot about your health.  Men may not be thinking, “wow, I want a really healthy chick.” but their genes are pushing them in that direction.  Healthy = fertility, even if you’re not consciously aware of it.

For your body, start with a scrub.  You could go buy expensive bath products and if that makes you happy, by all means do so.  If you prefer to go the less expensive route, use salt or sugar in the shower after you’ve soaped up but always be gentle.  I wouldn’t do this more than once or twice a week depending on your skin.  Your goal is exfoliation, not scrubbing through your skin.

Use a body moisturizer according to your skin type.  This could be anything from absolutely nothing to slathering on the olive oil before you take a shower.  Be aware of how different ingredients affect your skin and eliminate products accordingly.  We’re going for dewy soft skin but don’t believe the hype on every product bottle.

Take care of any anomalies in your skin.  Eliminate blisters, callouses, warts, etc.  Go see a dermatologist if necessary.  Use sunscreen.  Nothing will age your skin as fast as the sun except for maybe hard living and cigarettes.  Drink water, eat healthy and exercise to get a good sweat.

Your skin is an advertisement and you want him to be begging to touch you.


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