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Give yourself a hand

Ladies, take a moment to look at your hands.  Considering that we never hide our hands, do they truly represent how you want the world to view you?  Not sure what I mean?  How would you feel being served food by someone with dirty fingernails.  Exactly!

While I don’t suggest talons, I do suggest keeping your hands clean, soft and well-manicured at all times.  It’s easier than it sounds:

  • After each time you wash your hands, use hand lotion (unless you’re handling food immediately afterward).
  • Keep an emery board in your purse for quickly fixing a nail.
  • If you’re hard on your nail polish, consider going naked, wearing clear polish or resigning yourself to frequent touch-ups.

If you decide that you prefer to go to a salon rather than doing your nails at home – bring your own tools!  No, this isn’t a suggestion, it’s mandatory.  That blue liquid isn’t going to keep you from getting someone else’s nail fungus and it doesn’t matter how high end a salon is, hygiene is your responsibility.

Don’t know how to do a manicure, here’s a quick and dirty primer:

  1. Remove all previous nail polish.
  2. Shape nails with emery board into a squared-off oval shape with all nail approximately the same length (go with your shortest nail – they’ll grow out together).
  3. Wash hands and push back cuticles gently.
  4. Apply base coat, then two to three coats of polish followed by a top coat.  Wait 5 minutes in-between coats.
  5. Clean up edges carefully.  Give your nails a good hour or two to dry before you attempt anything fancy with your hands.

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