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Hiring a professional – personal trainer edition

If you’re attempting to seriously reconstruct your body, you may wish to consider a personal trainer.  Yes, you could train yourself or work out with a friend (both are good ideas) however a personal trainer should be able to help you achieve your goals faster.  It works because a trainer will develop your confidence regarding working out and will push you to work out harder than you would push yourself.

You should look for a trainer with credentials from a reputable organization such as the I.S.S.A., NASM, NSCA, etc.  Your personal trainer should be certified in C.P.R and in first aid.  Additionally, when you speak to them, they should be knowledgeable and flexible, willing to work with your goals and your limitations, not be pushing a crazy food program or suspect supplements and perhaps most importantly, you should get along with them.

Perhaps the best way to find a personal trainer is being referred by a friend.  If you’re unable to get a referral, you can find one through your gym (watch their interactions with clients) or less conventional ways – like the internet.  Make sure you speak with several of their current clients to get a feel for the trainer and their clients’ satisfaction with their progress.

Run, do not walk, away from any trainer who dismisses your concerns, is trying too hard to sell you on one specific program (exercise, nutrition or supplements), who isn’t professional, who doesn’t motivate you or who isn’t getting results.

Alternately take personal responsibility for your success by having specific goals, being honest about your abilities and habits, asking questions, and putting in the work.


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