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Change can be difficult – on others

Surprise!  Not everyone is going to want you to change.

It takes a village to raise a child.  It can also take a village to support you on your way to your goals.  However before you rush out and shout your goals from the mountaintop (preach it sister!), you may wish to consider if the person you’re telling is going to be supportive of or detrimental to your goals.

Share your goals on a case-by-case basis as undermining can be overt or can be subtle.  It can be an outright refusal to help you with your goals or it could look more like this:

  • Oh you don’t need to lose any weight.  Be happy with your body as it is.
  • It’s your birthday/Friday/the holidays, eat whatever you want.
  • Another class?  Haven’t you learned everything yet?
  • (Complete silence or changing the subject when you bring up your goals.)

Alternately, you may find it helpful to seek out whole communities that are in-line with your goals such as professional organizations, groups based around common interests, websites or perhaps sub-sets of your current social group.


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