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A weighty issue

When was the last time you got on a scale?  Some people weigh themselves daily while others prefer to wait for their annual physical.  I know that weight can be a touchy subject but it has to be tackled head on.  If you are over- or under-weight, be honest with yourself.  Remember, this is your starting point, not your ending point.

Get on a scale, measure your height and then calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) (you can do so here:  Keep in mind that BMI is merely a guide, not an absolute.  Like any other body measurement system, no single number is going to be ideal for everyone so it will be up to you to define what is best for yourself and where your “healthy” is.

I do advocate “healthy” over “thin”.  I’m not wanting you to starve yourself into a pro-ana segment on Oprah.  Ultimately your goal is to look and feel your best.  If you do that, your confidence increases and people respond to confidence.  It’s irresistible and they wonder what your secret is.


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