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Hiring a professional – healthy eating edition

There may come a time when you need a hire a professional to help you on your path of healthy eating.  It could be a new food program.  It could be that you’re too busy to try to figure it all out yourself.  It could be that it just isn’t clicking for you.  This isn’t a failure on your part, after all if you were in court you’d certainly want a lawyer arguing your case.  Some times it makes more sense to hire a professional.

What may be news to you is that a nutritionist is not the same thing as a dietitian.  Nutritionists are not a regulated profession and do not have to obtain any particular amount of training to hang out their shingle.  Dietitians are a regulated profession and require specific degrees in food science.  If you’re paying for someone’s expertise, shouldn’t you be receiving it?

If you do decide to hire a professional, check their credentials and do a preliminary interview with them to ensure that their views mesh with yours.  You can find registered dietitians through their association in your country.  For the US it’s and for Canada it’s


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