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The art of cooking

Yes, I’m really going to encourage you to learn how to cook.  Although New Yorkers may disagree with me, cooking is an essential skill.  Learning to cook for yourself will not only be healthier but it will save you lots of money – at least until you discover truffle oil.  Plus, everyone should have a signature dish that they can whip up on that first at-home dinner date.

If you prefer to learn by yourself, I highly recommend How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman.  He’ll walk you through how to pick out, store and fix just about everything.  I don’t think I’ve ever met a person (including trained chefs) who have flipped through it and not learned something new.

If you prefer a more social learning experience, I recommend looking for cooking classes in your area.  While your community center might not have a cooking program, there may be a culinary school or restaurant offering classes.  If not, you can always ask a local chef if they’ll teach a group of your friends on their day off (just make it clear what skill level you’re at before the chef commits).

bon appétit!


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