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Direct from my desk – week 1

This is where normally I would respond to letters sent in by my loyal readers to but considering that 1.  I only have a handful of readers at this point and 2.  None of them have written me letters, I’ll blog about something else until those missives start pouring in.

Instead, we’re going to do arts and crafts!  What could be better than glitter pens and the smell of rubber cement?  Lots of things but stick with me, there is a purpose here somewhere.  We’re going to make a dream board (vision board, motivation board, board with lots of little sticky bits on it – whatever you choose to call it).  Instructions are quite simple:

  1. Get a poster board.
  2. Cut out pictures of things you want to accomplish (nice house, rockin’ body, Matt Damon).
  3. Glue pictures onto poster board.
  4. Add motivating quotes.
  5. Decorate with glitter pens, stickers, 4H first place ribbon in hog raising, whatever blows your skirt up.
  6. Hang in an appropriate location.

Note:  Please do not use magazines from the library, they get upset when you return them filled with holes.

The purpose of a dream board is keep you motivated to reach your goals.  Keep it relevant and inspiring to you.  Good luck and go have fun.


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