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But when do we get to the part about men?

Champing at the bit there, are we?  I know you’re impatient but really, we need to work on you first.  Why am I starting there?  Because trying to get a man without knowing yourself first, it’s a bit like sitting in the backseat and asking if we’re there yet.  I want to put you in the driver’s seat but first I need to teach you how to drive (then how to pick out a car, how to recognize a lemon, etc. etc. etc.).

So instead I’ll ask you who you want to be.  A domestic diva like Martha Stewart?  A femme fatale like Charlize Theron?  A political powerhouse like Hillary Clinton?  Tell me who you want to be and I’ll tell you the first secret to a successful relationship – finding the right match.  However, how can you find your match if you don’t know who you are first?

And please, don’t tell me that you’re going to figure that all out once you have a man – first you, then man.  Trust me, you will be so busy memorizing the stats of his favorite sports team to even bother with your dream of learning Thai-fusion cooking.

Ladies, you have an assignment – whip out a piece of paper and write down who you want to be.  Be detailed, be specific.  Dream a little but be realistic (you can’t really be President of the US if you weren’t born in the country).  Go, go, do it now – you can always edit it later.


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