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Change sucks, or does it.

Remember those resolutions from last year?  Did you achieve any of them?  You do realize that the answer “kinda” was last acceptable in kindergarten.  Choose to change.  Change sucks, I know.  It’s difficult.  It’s uncomfortable.  It’s easier to not change.  However, changing has its rewards.  Without change, we’d still be wearing hoop skirt and using horse-drawn buggies.  Capiche?

So let’s take a look at those New Year resolutions – are they resolutions or goals?  Resolutions are statements.  Goals are quantifiable objectives.  For example:

  • Resolution:  I will lose weight.
  • Goal:  I will lose 10 lbs by April 1st by running 30 minutes a day and cutting out my daily peppermint mochachino.
  • Resolution:  I will get a handle on my finances.
  • Goal:  I will devise a budget by 15 January.  I will pay $300 each month toward my credit card debt.  I will not use my credit cards unless it is an emergency.  I will suggest low-cost (under $10) or no-cost activities to do with my friends.  I will only buy Christmas presents for my siblings’ children and my best friend with a limit of $250 total.

Do you see the difference?  The goals include specific parameters and a deadline.  Now you try – rework your resolutions into goals.


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