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A New Start

It’s January 1st and you’ve made about a dozen resolutions – you’re going to quit smoking, lose weight and (most importantly) get a man!  Good for you but how are you going to get there?  This blog can function as your guide but you’re going to have to do the work.

The blog will be my collected wisdom on the subject of single women and men and I’m writing it at the request of friends so if my readership is never more than a handful of people, I’ll be satisfied.  My method isn’t fool-proof nor does it apply in every situation and you’ve probably heard something similar from your grandmother (it works!).

Although this blog may appear to move at a glacial pace, there is a method to my madness.  Broad revolutionary changes will only last as long as your interest in them.  Small incremental changes practiced daily will develop into habits.  Stick with it!

My responsibilities

  1. Post daily.
  2. Make posts as concise as possible.
  3. Answer (relevant) questions as best I can.

Your responsibilities:

  1. Keep current.
  2. Ask questions if you’re confused.
  3. Do the work.

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